New in version 9

Download a free evaluation copy of the latest version of SwissSys from the downloads page. The much-anticipated version 9 represents continued advances over previous releases. Here are some highlights.
FIDE arbiters can take advantage of the low introductory price offered for the latest version which has received an interim FIDE certificate. Full endorsement of the program from FIDE is expected soon.

New charts and tools
Multi-purpose mode: See wall chart, standings, and pairings all at once.
Improved Round Robin chart and printouts.
Support for newer USCF rating report format, including color information. 
Result certification forms for players to sign at the end of their games.
Option to include color in standings for a complete and concise one-line-per-player listing.
A SwissSys tips dialog optionally listing advice from experienced users at startup.
Board history.
Display withdrawn player names in gray.

FIDE support - Now fully FIDE certified.
Completely revised and improved Fide pairings.
FIDE database support.
New tie breaks: Koya and Buchholtz

Improvements in viewing and entering data.
Board manager to handle board numbers across all sections
Foolproof result editing with just a double-click on the chart.
Pair all sections at once.
Improved registration rules to keep tabs on who goes into which section.
A command to make name formats uniform for a more polished look.
Replacement player list easier to use.
Customizeable choices for player info in pair chart
Customize messages for bye players. (E.g. “Have a donut”).

Database support
Database Wizard to make database management much more automatic.
Support of a primary and secondary database for easier data entry.
Merge USCF databases in one that holds all three ratings: regular, quick, and blitz.
Import an entire database putting all players in their proper sections at once.

New ways to view information
Display all pairings.
“Tournament at a glance” listing to show the state of all sections.
Load extra player details from a club list without overwriting player data. Allows you to keep a list of family or club members who you regularly want to avoid pairing against one another.
Grey out withdrawn players to see quickly who is still playing.

New pairing styles
1 vs 2 pairing style. Cut down on grandmaster draws with this option.
New fixed-roster team style: “Teams-only”. Simpler for when you don’t need individual games recorded.

Improvements to prizes
Prizes based on percentage of a total.
Grade-based prizes.
Set any number of guaranteed place prizes.

And hundreds of other little touches, most suggested by TD’s like you.

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